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is the leading and most popular specialized publication in the field of construction, operation and design of pools, baths, saunas, wellness and spa complexes. The magazine is aimed at a wide readership: specialists involved in the construction, equipment, technical support, design of water rehabilitation facilities, managers of similar facilities, suppliers of materials and engineering equipment, professional architects and designers, as well as individuals interested in obtaining relevant and objective information in this area.

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March 11 — 14, 2021
Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia

Fireplaces & Heating magazine

The magazine covers a wide range of topics - from analysis of the design features of the pools, advanced water treatment methods and recommendations for choosing engineering and climatic equipment to familiarization with modern wellness technologies, reviews of new models of stoves and heaters for saunas and baths, household appliances, furniture and accessories.








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The magazine contents


detailed presentation of realized projects of swimming, hydro massage, combined pools and spa zones created by Russian and foreign architects, with colorful photographs, plans and explications of the premises


study of the current range of materials for construction, decoration, heat and waterproofing of water rehabilitation facilities, description of the main characteristics of products, recommendations for selection and use


overview of key elements of water treatment and water supply systems, heating and lighting of pools, saunas and baths, current models of stoves and heaters climate technology


acquaintance with bath cultures of different countries, main types of bath structures, examples of successful design decisions


coverage of the design and technological features of Finnish baths and infra-red cabins, examples of successful design decisions


presentation of the most interesting projects of swimming pools, baths, whirlpools, spa complexes, Roman thermae located in water parks, hotels, fitness centers, entertainment and wellness facilities


analysis and popularization of advanced environmentally friendly and energy-saving methods of construction, decoration and engineering equipping of modern water rehabilitation facilities


report on the most significant exhibitions, forums, business meetings, conferences, seminars, presentations in the field of aqua industry


report on large-scale exhibition events of the Beautiful Houses Media and Exhibition holding, thematically related to the design, manufacture, construction and popularization of modern water rehabilitation facilities


discussion of current issues of construction, engineering, design and operation of water and bath facilities with the heads of leading industry companies, market experts


projects from professional contests for the best architectural and design solution of wellness space


publication of the best models of baths offered by leading architectural and construction companies, with floor plans and explications of living spaces, as well as contact details of these companies


selection of brief information about the most interesting new products, technologies, constructive solutions - in construction, equipment, makeover, design of water rehabilitation facilities

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Aqua Salon: Wellness & Spa. Pools and saunas

March 11 — 14, 2021
Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia

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For 17 years already, the exhibitions Wooden House. Spring, Fireplaces and Heating Salon, Barbecue and Grills, AquaSalon: Wellness & SPA. Pool and Sauna, House and Garden. Moscow Garden Show, being held simultaneously, are a platform for communication between manufacturers, dealers, architects, builders and consumers. Every year, more than 300 participants and 19,000 visitors meet at the Crocus Expo Fairgrounds, which unequivocally shows that, despite obvious subsidence of the world markets, the exhibitions remain a popular and effective tool to promote goods and increase sales.

Wooden house. Spring

Wooden house. Spring

Aqua Salon: Wellness & Spa. Pools and saunas

Aqua Salon: Wellness & Spa. Pools and saunas

Fireplace and heating salon

Fireplace and heating salon

House and garden. Moscow Garden Show

House and garden. Moscow Garden Show